Solving health problems before they occur starts with what you eat.

It’s hard to eat healthy. Junk foods have been engineered to taste amazing and be addictive to the point that healthy food can no longer compete for our attention.

Nowadays, 2 in 3 Americans are overweight or obese. We can focus on treating the complications with medicine, or we can shift our energy to changing our diets and preventing disease in the first place.

Western African tribes have been using the secret of miracle berries for centuries to make their food taste incredible. Wozi brings the pleasure of miracle fruit to the rest of the world so that society can give healthy food the upper hand in the fight against obesity.

Wozi is your prescription for your future self, helping you make the decisions you will be thankful for. Create better eating habits and enjoy a healthier, cleaner life.

How it started

I always wanted to be a doctor. My grandfather, grandmother, and uncle were all doctors in the Soviet Union. There is nothing more noble than healing people each day.

When I first learned about the miracle berry, I thought it was a cool trick. During the holidays I decided to order some pills and bring it to my sister’s home to try with my nephews.

We started with lemons and strawberries as recommended, but it wasn’t until we got to the tomatoes and Greek yogurt that something remarkable happened. Even though it literally made him gag only moments before, my 9 year old nephew started begging for more yogurt and tomatoes after having his taste-buds enhanced by the miracle fruit.

I knew if it could help him eat healthier and love it in the process, it could help a lot more people. That’s when I became driven to become an entrepreneur so that I can not only have an impact on my community, but also the greater society around the world.