Enjoy foods you otherwise wouldn’t.

How amazing would it be to fulfill your temptations with something actually good for you?

Wozi removes the tartness of a Greek yogurt and transforms it into an indulgent cheesecake. Its high protein content will keep you full and its probiotics will help rebalance your gut health.

Ever find that 90% of your strawberries or raspberries taste bland? Wozi will transform them into the best berries you’ve ever had. Their high fiber and water content make for an incredibly delicious and filling snack. 

Do you find water bland and boring? There’s no question that it’s easier to stay well hydrated when your drink tastes good.

Add some lemon or unsweetened cranberry juice to sparkling water and use Wozi to transform it into a natural soda. Not only is it a great sugar-free alternative, but by drinking more water you will feel more full and thus eat less calories.

You ever hear about those apple cider vinegar cocktails for weight loss? Now they can actually taste good!

Wozi helps you save calories by reducing the sugar you would otherwise add to bitter foods and beverages. Opt for dark chocolate instead of milk, Wozi will reduce the bitterness. Add a little lemon juice to coffee to sweeten it and make it smoother.

A night of drinking can really add up the calories. Try making a skinny margarita with just lime juice, seltzer, and tequila or a sugar-free whiskey sour with lemon juice and whiskey. Wozi will make it the smoothest and most flavorful cocktail you’ve ever had.

0 calorie sweeteners don’t taste as good as sugar. Aspartame, stevia, monk fruit and other alternatives have an odd aftertaste. That is because these sweeteners directly activate your taste buds – your taste buds aren’t used to these molecules and so they taste…odd.

The miraculin in miracle fruit doesn’t directly activate your taste buds, instead it only activates it them in the presence of acid. As a result, it is tricking your mind to think it is sugar without any of that bitter or chemical aftertaste. You won’t get a 0 calorie sweetener closer to the taste of sugar than this.

Wozi does something no other sweetener can do: it enhances the flavor of your food. By removing unpleasant bitterness and tartness, it unmasks the natural flavors of food you otherwise wouldn’t.

Highlight the vanilla of a Greek yogurt, the fruity tones of a coffee, or the caramel notes of an aged bourbon. Have fun exploring flavors you never knew existed in your regular diet.

Don’t miss out on the fun