Wozi is made from the miracle berry. This fruit contains a protein that temporarily binds to your tastebuds. In the presence of acid it activates your sweet receptors just like sugar. This effect is harmless and lasts up to an hour.

Unlike a normal spice, you consume Wozi before your meal/drink. Dissolve it on your tongue like a pixy stick for approximately 30 seconds and then for the next hour it will make sour foods taste sweet and delicious. It requires acid to work, but many foods are acidic – fruit, yogurt, coffee, dark chocolate, marinades, tomatoes, and even liquor.

Wozi will work with anything that has acid. Here is a list of simple recommendations but you can also check out our recipes for more specific and complex food combinations.

  • Lemon/lime wedge (try this first) → tastes like lemonade
  • Plain Greek Yogurt (our favorite) → tastes like cheesecake or ice cream
  • Any fruits: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, grapefruit, passion fruit → much sweeter than before and you’ll pick up on flavors that weren’t present before
  • Lemon or unsweetened cranberry juice in seltzer → natural soda
  • Black coffee → noticeably smoother and can add lemon juice for extra sweetness
  • Dark chocolate → smoother almost like hot cocoa
  • Diluted apple cider vinegar → apple juice
  • Goat cheese → frosting
  • Straight liquor → no burn!
  • Lemon juice w/ whiskey, tequila, gin → whiskey sour, margarita, tom collins 

A single serving of Wozi lasts 30-60 minutes so it will last you the whole meal!

Miracle fruit is very potent and an insignificant source of sugar. Wozi contains 1/32 tsp (100 mg) of sugar.

If that is an issue, please place a note in your order and we’d be happy to create custom packets without pop rocks (1/64 tsp – 50 mg of sugar) to satisfy your needs.

If you are interested in the research of miracle fruit and diabetes you can find a collection here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZkOgz6dAOpQ3GikJhjwVRa4qFJ0pg8s0?usp=sharing

Wozi does not wish to make any medical claims and does not recommend any changes to your current medical treatments.

Absolutely! Wozi has 0 calories and 0 carbs. It is the perfect complement to keto – satisfy your sweet tooth without any added calories or bitter aftertaste.

Wozi is also gluten-free.

The miracle berry has been consumed for centuries by the tribes of Western Africa for centuries without any long term side effects. It has been a novelty food for decades without any reported serious allergies.

Coca-Cola conducted a study in 2019 showing no long term side effects, changes to your tastebuds, or possible allergies. Check out the study here: http://website60s.com/upload/files/1574236651_684_19.pdf

In 1974 a study fed rats 1000x what a human would eat on a daily basis and found no side effects over its lifetime and even several generations after. Check out the study here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17PLmS84LomurVFGcj2GRa7IlHxZ8u5yk/view?usp=sharing

Wozi is the first ever convenient miracle fruit product. Most competitors sell pills which take 5-10 minutes to dissolve. Our product takes 30 seconds meaning it won’t be a problem if you’re in a rush to school or work in the morning. Our product is also much better in quality. Taste is one of the biggest complaints of people who have tried the pill. Our unique processing method means that you won’t get that “dried fruit/medicine” taste with our product and we don’t need to use any artificial sweeteners or flavorings to mask that.

The fruit itself poses some issues for convenience as well. First is the large olive-like pit that you need to be careful about. Second, the variability of fruit size means you never know what you will get. Our product is standardized and uses at least 2 fruit’s worth (300 mg) of miracle fruit to ensure you walk away with an incredible experience. Finally, it is hard to tell when you’ve held the fruit in your mouth long enough. Our pop rocks not only make it more fun, but also give you an audible cue for when you’re ready to eat.

We believe in our product so much that if you do not have incredible experience and our support team can’t fix it, we will refund you 100% of what you spent and you can keep the product.