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Miracle fruit pixy sticks

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Wozi improves the flavor of healthy foods, allowing you to get the satisfaction of indulgent food while also gaining the nutritional benefits of healthy foods.

Wozi temporarily makes sour foods taste sweet, removes their bitterness, and amplifies their flavor. 1 serving lasts you 30-60 minutes, regardless of how big your meal is.

Ingredients: Freeze-dried Miracle Fruit Powder (Synsepalum Dulcificum), Pop Rocks, Rice Husk Powder (Anti-caking)


Here are some simple recommendations to try with Wozi:

  • Lemon/lime wedge (try this first) → tastes like lemonade
  • Plain Greek Yogurt (our favorite) → tastes like cheesecake or ice cream
  • Any fruits: strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, grapefruit, passion fruit → much sweeter than before and you’ll pick up on flavors that weren’t present before
  • Lemon or unsweetened cranberry juice in seltzer → natural soda
  • Black coffee → noticeably smoother and can add lemon juice for extra sweetness
  • Dark chocolate → smoother almost like hot cocoa
  • Diluted apple cider vinegar → apple juice
  • Goat cheese → frosting
  • Straight liquor → no burn!
  • Lemon juice w/ whiskey, tequila, gin → whiskey sour, margarita, tom collins 

17 reviews for Wozi | Trial Pack (7 Servings)

  1. Azeem

    This is brilliant stuff! I have been using it with my cheap instant coffee and it turns into an enjoyable and soothing experience that I look forward to every day!!! I need more!

  2. Gene

    Wow, this stuff is so unique. Initially bought a few packs just for fun at my party, but found it to be way better than stevia and a life saver for my grandma. I love the individual to-go packs too, easy fit in the wallet for daily use.
    (1) This absolutely stole the show at my housewarming party – people went nuts for all the sugar-free cocktails (vodka lemonade, expresso martinis, bourbon neat w/ cigars) the girls finally enjoyed my DIPAs and cheap white wine spritzers tasted like high-end champagne! I must have gotten 3 texts the next day raving about it and thanking me for avoiding the hangover haha!
    (2) I am surprised to say its becoming part of my morning ritual too – saved tons of calories and time per week by switching to black coffee and my apple cider vinegar regimen is actually enjoyable now
    (3) I sent some to my diabetic grandmother who has only used it for a few days but loves it. She had trouble with weight loss due to a no-sugar diet and taste alteration due to her meds. We tried everything – Thank you!

  3. Sacha

    This is officially my favorite new way to mask my terrible cooking… Just kidding 🙂

    Wozi is my new party trick for any occasion. Shots of lime juice now taste like heaven in a glass. Plain Greek yogurt now tastes a honey-sweetened delight. Friends freak out… The trick is to not tell them what it does and let them experience the magic unbiased.

    I use Wozi recreationally, but feel super grateful that products like these exist for people (like my grandmother) who have lost most of their ability to taste. Thanks Wozi for bringing this incredible product to the masses! You have a new customer for life!!

  4. Matthew Busel

    Crazy interesting! Truly changes taste of every day foods/drinks. Was a fascinating experience – excited to see how it can be integrated into more foods in the future.

  5. Dave Jeffery

    This was an awesome way to spend an evening during lockdown with housemates or a partner.

    Recommended: Squeeze a lemon and add the juice to Whiskey. BLEW. MY. MIND.

  6. Chenyang Wang

    This candy is game changing. I love trying it with plain yogurt and fruit. I detest sugar so this is great to sweeten my treats without the guilt. The shipping is fast and instructions are simple. I’m using it whenever I want.

  7. Lucas

    Epic, unique, and tasty! Tried it on a couple of first dates with friends of friends. Both of them remember it as the most original date they’ve ever had.
    Never thought feeding someone raw lemon was a way to their heart! 😉

  8. Florian Müller

    Tried it together with a couple of friends. We were all really impressed. We tried with Greek Yoghurt (tasted sweet), lemon juice + water (literally tasted like lemonade), beer (tasted kind of like a pale ale), and pure whiskey (tasted slightly sweet and less burning).

  9. Josh

    Within seconds of applying, my tastes had changed for the better! I tried the Whiskey with lemon and it tasted like a whiskey sour! A must try!

  10. Adaobi Adibe

    Long story short, I am a believer!

    After my runs I started taking natural greek yogurt along with the supplement and found that not only did it taste good, but it helped me a lot with my weight loss!

    It even made foods I already loved taste even better e.g it made tomatoes taste like pure sugar!

    I highly highly recommend to anyone trying to lose weight. Although I can’t say for sure how much weight it helped me lose, I know it definitely played a large role.

    Huge fan!

  11. Brian Watson

    VERY cool stuff! Shared it with my family over Christmas break. We walked around tasting everything! Orange Juice was like candy! Amazing!

  12. Gianluca

    It makes everything DELICIOUS!
    I honestly love my Wozi. It’s like a miracle food enhancer. When I first tried it I wasn’t sure how it was going to work, but I am truly impressed. I am able to turn foods and drinks that I never liked into delicious meals. You must order some and try it for yourself!

  13. Noah

    I love Wozi! It was insane how it transformed my food. I definitely recommend. Great for a fun party hack, or just regular eating.

  14. Milan Cvitkovic

    I know what you’re thinking: this product must be BS, or at least disappointing. Nope. It’s actually great.

  15. Alexander

    A really amazing product. It is addictive in a good way and is seriously helping me a lot with my sugar cravings while on keto. Makes a lot of things taste so much better. I had to drink a lot of lemon juice for my kidney stone and I couldn’t do it without Wozi – it was so sweet and no added calories. You can have an unsweetened yogurt and it tastes sweet like cheesecake with Wozi. I stopped adding sugar to my tea and many other things.

    Wozi is a great product and I highly recommend it!

  16. Tayah

    Love this product!! So fun and I love how easy it is and how fast it works! Makes everything 10x tastier that’s for sure, and with sour foods it’s amazing how good they are with Wozi!

  17. Victoria F.

    It really is a miracle. Especially when I had Covid and lost taste, it’s pretty much brought the enjoyment of the food back. Especially yogurts, kefir, cottage cheese, tea with lemon or just lemonade without any sugar or anything added. Lemon becomes so sweat, it’s hard to believe. And our family started to enjoy fruits so much more because it adds flavor to blueberries, raspberries and pretty much anything that has a bit of tartness in it. And there is a strange psychological impact: it may sound weird but life becomes sweeter with it. I can’t recommend it enough!

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